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                               ATTENTION PLEASE                                                                       crying

Reposted March 29,. 2020- Posted March 7 2020

Hello gentle alumni, 

Earlier today, the Reunion Steering Committee members, the Officers & members
of SMUNVA and its charter, SMUAASC (Southern California) alumni organization:
            CANCELED  the SMU13th Grand Biennial Reunion cruise
            (was scheduled for May 29-31-June 1, 2020, Tampa, Florida),

because of the Corona virus epidemic. It is very prudent that we do this. The well-being of everyone
is the prime consideration.
As you may recall, the theme of this reunion and previous ones, eg, 1st-12th events, has always been
"Camaraderie and Charity" (or a variation thereof). We have always intended that the former, 
component "Camaraderie" is having fun, bantering and simply reminiscing with our colleagues. That now is
deemed inappropriate considering the miseries involved in this crises. Sadly,  we are cancelling (and postponing that to a future date. The Steering Committee (SC) will keep us posted).

On the other, the "Charity" portion is alive and well! Your generous  donations, according to our SMUNVA/SMUAASC By-Laws are directed to the SMU Scholarship Fund as the primary consideration for this fund-raising event. Remember, as a continuing tradition, we are subsidising the school fees of 2 SMU scholars. (Romeo Baliton is the chairperson for this program).
Ironically, at this time of crisis,  your benevolence and generous-giving to those in need,  should be heightened! 
Allow me to explain.
Remember out motto: our "3T's - share your Time, Talent and Treasure" to our Alma Mater.
The remaining funds are for other SMUNVA/SMUAASC programs as described below.

Please note well: the SMUNVA/SMUAASC is a US organization. We are considered by the USA IRS 
to be a  legal, legitimate "501(c)3, Non-Profit Public Corporation". We can legitimately accept donations and almost always are tax-exempt. 
(Do not be misled by wanna-be SMU alumni organizations!)

For transparency purposes, the SC-Officers has determined to act on (ie, to reiumburse,to redirect, save-for-next time event) your generous donation you already made to this cancelled SMU cruise-reunion, namely,
1. Cruise bookings/registration  made directly to the ship, or through Gloria. Please contact her as I do not know the complete details as yet (Example, my vague understanding: $150 will be set aside as credit for future bookings, the rest will be reiumbursed if cancellation is made on or before March 30, 2020. Again, please verfiy with her).
2. Souvenir Program donations - may be re-directed with your explicit permission, Gloria will contact you
3. Your donation to the Website-Maintenance program (Our generous donor and SC-Officer, Bernard, in his $2500 cruise registration has agreed to re-direct $1,000 to this program and the remaining $1,500 to the Scholarship Fund. Bless your kind-soul, Bernard).
4. Your donation you made to earlier 'small' fund raising events, ie, trip to casinos!, mahjjong sessions etc, would stll be set-aside of the Scholarship program.
5. Personal donations for purposes you already specified,  ie, Gloria's "Books for Barrios" will be directed there, Tengco-family donation to the Scholarship fund..
6. Membership fee - will go to the SMU general-fund 
7. Physical Donation, eg, Surpirse gifts, embroidered hats, shirts, shopping bags, knick-knacks,  intended for the reunion, please save that money for the to-be-announced reunion (on land, this time!). 

Because of this cancellation, you may also  adjust your travel plans you may have made earlier, ie,
hotel accomodations, side-sight seeing trips. visit to your Lolo-Lola, relatives, friends in Tampa!. 

Lastly, the SMU-reunion tradition has always been a biennial event. It is sad that this is the first time a scheduled reunion is cancelled (or is it?).. So, my wish is to hold a "land-based" reunion still this year,
And still in sunny Florida, with our Florida natives' hardworking-alumni, but very disappointed - Bernard and Nena, who would still make preparations for a suitable site.

 The Attendees: Steering Committee Officers (Gloria Cajanap (SMUNVA/SMUAASC President) , Nena Schwartz (reunion Planner) and Bernard Jasmin (reunion Planner) - (btw folks, Bayombong-born Bernard, is a licensed, practicing MD in Florida - his professional advice to Cancel is very re-assuring- salamat po). SMUNVA Officers,Gloria proxy-ing for Marlene Cordero (CEO), Au Birco, Vicky Briones (Treasurers), Fely Keech (Vice-president).Perling Carino (adviser), Angel Aluning (Communication Director); Eddie Abellera (Director-Western Region); Tony Abellera (Director-Eastern Region) and yours truly, Lee Tengco (VP-Membership). 

smileyThanks for your understanding, Stay healthy.
Warm regards

Your friendly, Vp-Membership and website admin, 

Lee for the SMUNVA/SMUAASC alumni organization