SMUAASC Organizers

Posted: April 2017 

smiley The birth of SMUAASC! 

Letter of invitation and photos from the 1st Meeting between SMUNVA officers (Marlene Cordero, Lee Tengco, attending) and  the formation of a new chapter, SMUAASC (SMU Alumni Association of  Southern California), Gloria Cajanap, elected president and her task force/organizing team.  
March 12, 2017, at Torrance, California. 

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Sent: February 27, 2017 7:49 AM
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Dear everyone,

Good morning! I would like to invite the Officers of SMU NVA Alumni Association and the SMU Alumni Group of Los Angeles to have a combined meeting:                                                                                                  

WHEN:                           MARCH 12, 2017
TIME:                              1PM TO 4PM
WHERE:                         23715 LUCILE AVENUE, TORRANCE, CA 90501

AGENDA:                       1.    SMU NV President's Report - by Marlene Cordero

                                        2.    Review of the SMU Alumni Group of Los Angeles By-laws

                                        3.    Charitable Projects/Fundraising

                                        4.    2018 Reunion

Lunch and snack will be served during the meeting courtesy of our alumna Fely Cachola Keech. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 818 913 1991/ Your utmost attendance and cooperation is highly appreciated. See you all.

Warm regards,

Glo M Cajanap

Chairperson  of the 2018 SMU Reunion